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The Sky in Your Eyes (sky crawlers au)


the-lone-sky and ekaitz are not responsible for this shit

also i gathered some courage and put it on ao3

 It was a typical summer day.

The sky outside was clear and the sun was shining brightly. There were some birds flying around in the sky. The place was quiet, almost lifeless, but peaceful.

A brown dog ran out of a grey building, barking. A woman with red hair was chasing it, but the dog outran her. She finally decided to stop chasing, and looked up at the sky. Strangely enough, the dog stopped too, and looked up into the sky.

There was a small grey spot in the sky, a small dot against the blue background. A soft roar grew louder and louder as the dot grew bigger, and a few minutes later the two of them ran away from the concrete road into the grass fields.

A grey plane landed in front of them, the roar of its engine deafening. The woman covered her eyes from the strong winds, and the dog was barking wildly. Minutes later, the roar of the engines ceased, and after it had stopped completely, a glass cover opened at the top of the plane.

A man jumped off the plane, carrying a small bag. He took off his helmet and took out a cigarette and lit it with a match before he snapped the match in two and tossed it away. He then turned to look at the woman, who was just a few metres away from him.

“We were expecting you,” she said with a smile. “I’m the lead mechanic, Hanji Zoe.” She patted the dog’s head playfully, and put it back on the ground. “This little guy here is Bean, and you are?”

“Erwin Smith.” He gave a slight nod. “Nice to meet you.”

“You’re gonna want to see the boss,” she said as she turned to walk into the grey building again. “And then I suppose you gotta go to your room… I think Mike’s your roomie. I don’t know whether he’s there at the moment, though… well, that’s for later. Should I show you the way to the boss’ room?”

“Yes, please.”

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Doodle : Erwin and Levi the cat

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Hiccup cosplay, from how to train your dragon two.

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One more from the No Name Levi photoshoot.

Character: Levi Ackerman
Cosplayer: Delusor [World Cosplay]

Photographer & Editor: Mistiqarts

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Are you a virgin? (i'm apologize if you are offended)
- Anonymous


Have you seen my Erwin?
Would you be a virgin if you had him?

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"I'm supposed to say...'it hurts', right...?" 
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imagine being stuck in a room surrounded by everyone you’ve ever had sex with


imagine being stuck in a room surrounded by everyone you’ve ever thought about having sex with

it’s raining men

its raining men, and women, a few celestial beings, two timelords and a sociapath.


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